Why Primal Bloom?

Primal Bloom: looking into nature as a means to blossom and realise your true self.


It is the idea that everything we need to realize as an individual is already present in all of us, since the dawn of time.


It is also an understanding of the biological function of the human body (resulting from thousands of years evolution) and how it operates  in our modern life.


To evaluate the impact, on our health and well-being, of everything that we integrate into our lives. The human being is a formidable organism; we all have the opportunity to become a dazzling flower.

Primal Bloom is the exploration of our natural resources, the discovery of tools that allow us to understand the wonderful potential of the human body by accessing the unconscious mind to free ourselves from our shackles.

In a consumer society, brands often put themselves forward by depreciating ancestral remedies, and comfort is erected by advertising as a goal of successful living.

Basing everything solely on technology and comfort, we find ourselves completely disconnected from nature and have become unable to understand the signals our body is trying to sends us.

"Primal" because the caveman had a much simpler relationship with nature. Not having the technology to protect himself, he was in direct contact with his environment, he was subjected to the climate as well as real dangers that provoked responses adapted to the biological plan.


When the prehistoric man crossed a saber-toothed tiger, it was a real danger, his unconscious mind reacted rightly causing a spike of stress to prepare his body for action (fight or flight).

For the modern man, the peaks of stress are numerous during the day: the pressure of a superior, the spouse complaining of this or that, traffic jams, too short days, etc.

From a biological point of view, these stress peaks indicate to our organism to send in priority our resources towards the motor muscles (as it was justifiable for the prehistoric man).


If the peaks of stress are numerous during the day, it means that our immune system, digestive system and brain are in constant lack of resources, because those are mobilized elsewhere.


Mismanagement of stress therefore causes many disorders and pathologies related to this misuse of our resources.


That's why Primal Bloom seeks to question our ways of life, to understand the natural functioning of the human body and to stabilize it with small daily exercises aimed at controlling our epigenetic activity and being happy, strong and healthy.

Primal bloom is not rejecting any comfort to go live in a cave, it is precisely to use all the understanding that we have accumulated on the human body over the centuries.

It is to get out methodically of our comfort zone to optimize our general well-being. Every living organism is designed in such a way that it adapts to its environment.

Someone who regularly practices a sport will get a musculature adapted to his activity.

In the same way, an organism living in a sterile environment, at controlled temperature and having no muscular effort to produce will lose its natural capacity to respond to these environments.

Do you really think that becoming a human like in the movie Wall-E is progress? However, it is in this direction that we are headed.

Several studies have shown that developed countries with the best hygiene are also the ones with the most autoimmune diseases.

To be healthy, it is essential not to systematically yield to ease and comfort. If we keep in mind that, to function properly, every organism must live in a stimulating environment, it is benevolent and logical to test ourselves from time to time to stimulate the potential of our body.

It is with this in mind that Primal Bloom offers activities to understand our physiology and develop our natural resources to achieve a more harmonious life balance.

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