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- connects to host IP address (by default localhost) on port 22 (VNC standard port)- runs on Windows XP or higher- allows you to query host and user home directories, fileWhat is KaVA?KaVA is a web based interface for controlling local and remote applications. This is a simple way to allow people to access your computer from a web browser or send a command to a server using email. This program does not require installation. Just add a hostname and password to connect to it.KaVA Features:* Send command to server using email* Send command directly to the host to run a program using email* Browse local files on the hostHuawei Power Management for VNC Manager 2.0.1 is a simple program for allowing you to remotely control a laptop running a VNC client on a Microsoft Windows XP or Vista computer. It works on all versions of VNC that you can install on your computer.Huawei Power Management for VNC Manager Description:Huawei Power Management for VNC Manager works with the VNC protocol and allows you to remotely control your computer from any networked computer running a VNC client. By using Huawei Power Management for VNC Manager and a VNC client on your computer, you can remotely control your computer without even physically being in front of it.VNC Firewall is a simple firewall which allow you to create a firewall rule to block outbound connections on any port on your host (default is 22 and 5900) to any IP address on any port (i.e. any port except port 22 or 5900).VNC Firewall Description:- create firewall rules to block outbound connections- create firewall rules to block inbound connections- monitor local portsCyber-PA System Control, or Cyber-PA for short, is a simple host and user management system that allows a person to add, edit or remove users on a computer using a web browser. Cyber-PA can create new users and assign them a password.Cyber-PA Features:* add users and passwords using a web browser* add users and passwords using an SQL based program* edit users and passwords* specify what Windows accounts a user has* specify what host the user has access toCpVNC is a simple VNC client for Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. CpVNC is the only VNC client which allows 08929e5ed8

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